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Parknasilla Resort & Spa Review: Paradise on the Ring of Kerry

Is travel along Ireland’s Ring of Kerry in your future? Are you looking for the perfect blend of style and charm, a true paradise, with breathtaking views of water and mountains? Well, look no farther than the magnificent four-star Parknasilla Resort & Spa, majestically situated on the banks of the Kenmare River, along Ireland’s legendary Ring of Kerry and the Wild Atlantic Way.  The location, the outdoor amenities, the rooms, the spa, the food and the service are impeccable.

Parknasilla Resort & Spa Review: Paradise on the Ring of Kerry

Parknasilla far view

This picture of the magnificent Parknasilla Resort & Spa was taken on my morning run!

Parknasilla Resort & Spa is Conveniently Located On the Ring of Kerry.

Parknasilla Resort & Spa is situated less than 5 kilometers from Sneem, Ireland, a charming and picturesque town on the northeast portion of the Ring of Kerry. Located in a nature paradise, it offers a wonderful setting to relax, rejuvenate and rest.

Parknasilla Resort & Spa Looks Like A Castle!

Pulling up to Parknasilla Resort & Spa was like a dream come true. I always dreamed of sleeping in a castle, and now I was having my chance! Also,  I love being near the water, and this property sits directly on the Kenmare River. The views of the blue waters and the bright blue sky with the Irish mountains nestled in between was simply breathtaking!

Parknasilla Castle

A castle fit for a princess or any family!

Once inside, the opulent decor, with the use of brilliant chandeliers throughout the entire property, continued to capture my breath. The staff had thought of every possible need of their guests, and it showed in the placement of chairs for resting a bit, or dedicated sitting areas for guests to sit and admire the stunning outdoor panorama.

Parknasilla blue lounges

Wonderful area to sit and relax and drink in the view!

The Rooms at Parknasilla Resort & Spa are Stunning.

My exquisite room.

My room was located on the third floor, with many large windows to let in the sun, and offer me fantastic views of the water and mountains.  It had a subtle nautical theme and two beautiful exquisite chandeliers. I immediately felt at home once I entered. The staff left me a personal hand-written welcome note and an absolutely huge fruit basket (which was definitely appreciated by this vegan!). The king size bed was welcoming and there was a sitting room with a lovely settee for me to rest, or simply take a moment to look outside with a heart full of gratitude.

Parknasilla seettee

The sitting area

Parknasilla room view

The Spa at Parknasilla Resort & Spa was Magnificent

The spa was one of my favorite parts about staying at Parknasilla. We decided to take a day off from travel, to rejuvenate and decompress, and I spent a lot of my time at the spa. The pool with its panoramic floor-to-ceiling walls of glass windows gave a feeling of being outside at the water’s edge, when in the pool. As a swimmer, I greatly appreciated that there was a dedicated “lap” lane because when I was ready to train in the pool, it was full of families enjoying themselves and I did not worry at all because I had my own lane.

Parknasilla pool vj

The fabulous pool area. The panoramic view pours inside through the floor-to-ceiling glass walls.

The hot tubs were located outside on the deck next to the pool with an unparalleled view of the glorious seascape that you just could not look at enough to enjoy. It was that grand!

Parknasilla hot tub

How about that view!?

Back inside, additional amenities including aromatherapy steam rooms, hot saunas, and refreshing cool misting showers in between, melted any cares away. Ice cubes to literally melt on my warm skin, and sparkling water, helped keep my body temperature in check.

Once I finished the spa circuit, I rested on the thermal lounge chairs positioned to enhance bringing the outside in, with large glass windows, and took a pause.

Parknasilla spa Linda thermal

Warm thermal lounge chairs were just perfect after an afternoon spent in the pool and spa!

The Food at Parknasilla Resort & Spa was Superb

We arrived at Parknasilla in the evening and had dinner at the casual Doolittle Dining Room and Bar. Named after a character in a George Bernard Shaw play, we chose the more-relaxed vibe to unwind and decompress from the long travel day. There was even live and lively Irish music to enjoy during our dinner.

The next evening, after a full day of relaxing, we had dinner in the more formal Pygmalion Restaurant, which also derived its name from George Bernard Shaw’s inspiration. Thankfully there were vegan options on the menu, and the chef and staff were eager to tweak my order to please me. I ordered tempura and a beautiful salad and the pies de resistance was the vegan brownie served me. Vegan on the menu! Thank you Parknasilla.

Parknasilla brownei

Decadent vegan brownie for dessert!

There were many options to pursue after dinner. We could have gone to Dolittle’s Bar for a nightcap and lots of guests did. But because the Irish sun did not set until almost 10P local time, we chose to stroll around the property and gaze at the stars.

Parknasilla sunset

Evening view at Parknasilla.

Breakfast was included every morning during my Parknasilla stay, at the Pygmalion Restaurant, and we were seated as close to the windows as we could to enjoy the view. The hot and cold offerings at the breakfast buffet had everything you could imagine. I never left the table wanting for more!

Outdoor Amenities Abound at Parknasilla

As an athlete, I really was very impressed with all the outdoor amenities  I had to choose from. There’s a beyond-beautiful golf course, located on the water’s edge, a family putting green, tennis courts, biking, archery, kayaking, castle ruins and more trails to explore than I had time available. I chose to run and set off on a five-mile trek through the 500 acres of Parknasilla property.

Parknasilla family resort

Family putting green at Parknasilla.

Now the Irish take their fairies very seriously, so I headed off on the Fairy Trail, in an attempt to see one of the mystical creatures. I must have made too much noise to frighten them, and sadly I admit I did not see any.

Parknasilla fairy toadstools

I was so disappointed I did not see any fairies.

The run took me through dense lush tropical forests, and to secluded beaches. Although the hotel was very busy, I rarely encountered another human being on my journey through the Parknasilla trails. I was so very grateful for the opportunity to explore and enjoy nature on the trails at Parknasilla Resort & Spa.

parknasilla run

Fantastic view of Kenmare Bay while on my morning run.

Parknasilla 2

Ruins of Derryquin Castle, as seen on my morning run.

Throughout my stay at the four-star Parknasilla Resort & Spa, the staff worked tirelessly to provide the ultimate experience during my time with them. If you find yourself planning to travel the Wild Atlantic Way on the Ring of Kerry and are in need of lodging, I highly suggest looking no further than the Parknasilla Resort & Spa. The location, the panoramic views, the sumptuous food, the luxurious spa, the myriad of outstanding outdoor activity choices, and the impeccable staff, make Parknasilla your choice for luxury and convenience on the Ring of Kerry!

Parknasilla ceiling

Elegant chandeliers shine brightly throughout Parknasilla Resort & Spa.


Special thank you to Parknasilla Resort & Spa for hosting me for two days for the purpose of this review. All honest opinions are my own and I was not paid for this content. 




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  1. Claire

    Ireland is just magical isn’t it – shame about the lack of faeries though! The spa looks incredible at this place, i’ll definitely add a night or two here to my Ireland bucket list!

  2. Selam

    Oh my! The view from the hot tub is magical! I can’t believe I haven’t been to Ireland yet, but clearly I need to. Photos are great, too!

    1. Linda Malys Yore Post author

      Thank you! This was my first trip to Ireland & I loved it. So much history and so much beauty. Hope you make it there someday. ☘️

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