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7 Things To Know Before Your First Time In London

Are you planning a trip to London?  Are you looking for some advice so you are more prepared for your time in London? Well, you have come to the right place, because I recently spent time in London and I’ve listed my top 7 tips to help you with your planning.

London is a major European city and almost nine million people live there. Planning an itinerary for your first time in London can seem daunting, but it does not have to be.  I have used my own experiences during my first time in London to list 7 things I believe will make your first time in London much more effortless and fun.

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7 Things To Know Before Your First Time In London

First time in London Tower Bridge

London’s Tower Bridge

1) Get A Visitor Oyster Card To Make Transportation Easy During Your First Time In London

A Visitor Oyster Card is like a credit card preloaded with “pay as you go” money that you will use for travel in London. You CANNOT purchase a Visitor Oyster Card once you arrive in London, so it’s prudent to get it at home either online or through your travel agent.

The London Visitor Oyster Card can be used on any mode of transportation London has to offer: the London Underground (the tube), London Overground, National Rail trains, trams, buses, and more.

It is quite a bit cheaper to use the Oyster than to pay for single rides to a destination of your choice. And, there is no paying for a bus ticket in cash once you board, so the Oyster Card pays for itself in spades just for its convenience.

On all forms of transportation, you have to touch your Oyster card to the yellow card reader. It keeps track of where you are going so it knows how much to charge you. On buses and trams, you only need to touch the yellow reader when you board, as it is a single ride.

At stations you will have to touch the yellow reader both going in and exiting, so your exact journey can be calculated based on how and when you traveled, and where you went.

Click Here: Purchase London Visitor Oyster Card

There is a 5-pound charge for purchasing the Visitor Oyster Card, so when your first time in London is completed, save your card. You never know when you may find yourself in London again!

First time inn London double decker bus

Riding the upper deck of a double-decker bus during your first time in London will give you great views of the city.

What happens if you run out of money on your Oyster smart card during your first time in London? You can refill it at various transportation stations and at tons of shops throughout London.

What happens if there’s money left on your card at the conclusion of your first time in London? You can keep your card like, to use on future trips to London.

Your Oyster card can be used by any family or friend who may be traveling to London in the future, or you can get up to 10 pounds refund, but this must be done before you leave London, and cannot be done once you return home.

A Visitor Oyster Card is a must during your first time in London

Children under 11  travel for free. If you have an 11-15-year-old with you, they can get a “half adult” discount for up to 14 days. Purchase the Visitor Oyster Card from home, and then notify a transportation staff member once you arrive in London and they will make the distinction on their Visitor Oyster Card.

Another very cool perk of the Visitor Oyster Card during your first time in London is that you simply have to show your card at participating restaurants, pubs, shops and all sorts of entertainment for visitor discounts.

Having your own Oyster Visitor Card before you arrive for your first time in London is a great idea.

2) Stay In An Area Most Suited To You During Your First Time In London

Visiting a big city for the first time can be overwhelming. London is such a big city, a truly iconic European city.  Just about 9 million people call London home. Depending on your preferences, and the goals you want to achieve during your first time in London, you have a very wide variety of neighborhoods to choose from.

Here are a few of the more popular sections of London for your consideration. Do your research. These suggestions only scratch the surface of what kind of ambiance is waiting for you during your first time in London.

Covent Garden When my family and I experienced our first time in London, we intentionally chose to literally do all touristy things, and we chose to stay in the very popular and very trendy Covent Garden section of London.

Cobblestone lined streets and all the shopping your heart could desire, from locally hand-crafted items to world-class shopping from any top designer you can imagine, was available to us within walking distance.  We literally walked to the London Eye, British Parliament, Big Ben, and Trafalgar Square.

First time in London Covent Garden

The Covent Garden Market is the shopping highlight for any tourist during their first time in London.

All the Broadway-style theatres are located in the Covent Garden area offering all the top running musical and dramatic productions to you.

Tickets Here: London: Big Bus Open-Top Hop-on, Hop-off Sightseeing Tour

Tickets Here: River Thames Hop-On Hop-Off Sightseeing Cruise

Tickets Here: Mamma Mia Musical Tickets: West End London

Tickets Here: London: School of Rock The Musical

Mayfair/St. James Are you planning on visiting Buckingham Palace? Seeing the changing of the guard? Do you like antique shops and history? Then this is the neighborhood for you. Here you will find London’s best residential architecture and finest automobiles!

I highly recommend a visit to Green Park during your first time in London. First of all, it is simply beautiful, any season that you visit, but secondly, there are families wandering, athletes running, and it is a general lovely green space to spend time in.

First time in London Green Park

Visiting Green Park is a must during your first time in London. Here it is ablaze with its autumn colors.

Of course, visiting Buckingham Palace is quite the thing to do if you are interested in royalty! Unfortunately the day we budgeted to see the changing of the guard, there was no changing of the guard.

I hope you have better luck! Check online for the schedule for the changing of the guard as it changes seasonally. You could save yourself a trip.

Tickets Here: London Highlights with Westminster & Buckingham Palace

Tickets Here: Guided Tour of Westminster Abbey & Royal Sights of London

Tickets Here: London: Changing of the Guard & Buckingham Palace Tour

Tickets Here: London: 3 Hour VIP Chocolate Tour

South Kensington If you want to experience London as Londoners do, this is the place for you as you experience your first time in London. Lovely gardens abound, and fantastic pastry shops will tempt you.

A visit to Kensington Palace, where Princess Diana lived, and currently Prince Harry and Megan Markle, and Prince William and Kate Middleton reside in, is a lovely way to spend an afternoon. You would also be very close to the iconic Hyde Park.

Shoreditch Looking for an artsy contemporary vibe? Then the Shoreditch area is for you. It is trendy and a colorful haven for those creative designers and artists that call London home. Art galleries in warehouse lofts and street art add to the hip vibe.

Tickets Here: Discover Shoreditch: London’s Coolest Neighborhood

Tickets Here: The London Pub Crawl – Shoreditch

Notting Hill Lots of movies are made in London’s Notting Hill neighborhood because of how quaint and charming it is with its cobblestoned streets and colorful Victorian townhomes.

If bargain hunting for antiques interests you, Notting Hill’s famous Portobello Road Market will delight you. All the major iconic attractions you would want to visit during your first time in London are simply a tube ride away.

Tickets Here: Notting Hill Walking Tour

Tickets Here: The Beatles London Walking Tour

First time in London Notting Hill

The very colorful townhouses that make Notting Hill movie-worthy.

London offers so many neighborhoods with so many different characteristics, you will not go wrong if you choose the one that best suits your tastes and the goals you have for your first time in London.

3) During Your First Time In London Expect Great Wifi When Out And About

When we travel internationally we always inquire about getting a SIM card for our phones in the country we are visiting. During your first time in London, you do not have to worry about wifi when you are out and about visiting attractions, shopping, and dining.

First time in London Starbucks

Starbucks offers free lightning-fast wifi mostly everywhere in the world. Here we are having an afternoon break while visiting London’s Tower Bridge.

All major shopping destinations, just about every restaurant, and London’s iconic attractions all offer free wifi. You simply sign up when you are at your destination and you are connected! The public wifi is not secure, so keep that in mind when using public wifi during your first time in London.

4) 23  Major Museums In London Are Free

What a cool perk to have during your first time in London (or any time in London!) if you enjoy museums as much as we do. I am referring to Smithsonian-style, huge museums. Free.

First time in London van Gogh

I was able to admire first-hand van Gogh’s Sunflowers when I visited the National Gallery. For free.

The Natural History Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum, the National Science Museum, the National Gallery were the museums we spent time in.  Do your own research to seek out those museums which interest you because there are 18 other museums to visit. For free.

5) Restaurants In London Are Fabulous

We were traveling in a group with one vegan (me), two vegetarians and an omnivore. That’s quite a wide difference in tastes to appease when selecting where to eat. Rest assured, during your first time in London, you will not have any dilemmas or problems pleasing yourself or anyone traveling with you.

First time in London vegan menu

I was very happy to have my own vegan menu to order off of during my first time in London.

Londoners love their food, and every restaurant we visited was outstanding. Londoners embrace alternative eating choices, and as a vegan, I felt comfortable and right at home with my very own vegan menus during my first time in London. 

There are so many restaurants to try so we took turns selecting restaurants for lunch and dinner. With our wide range of dining requirements, none of us ever had a complaint about a restaurant or cafe or pub we dined at or the food we ate.

6) Book Attraction Tickets Online To Save Money And Skip  The Lines

Especially if any part of your first time in London falls on a Saturday or Sunday, it is generally wise to select which major iconic London attractions you want to visit and secure tickets online beforehand.

You will save money, sometimes significantly. Also, some if not most of the attractions allow you to skip the wait lines and walk right on in. This is a great convenience especially if your schedule is jam-packed with things to do during your first time in London.

First time in London Eye view

Our bird’s eye view of the very busy Thames River high up in the London Eye. You can see the egg carrying other passengers in this picture.

Tickets here: Coca-Cola London Eye

Tickets Here: Tower of London Ticket with Crown Jewels 

Tickets Here: London: Changing of the Guard & Buckingham Palace Tour

Tickets Here: The View from The Shard Entrance Ticket & Optional Champagne

7) Save Money By Getting Snacks And Convenience Foods At Local Grocery Stores

Yes, it is fun to visit as many restaurants as possible for breakfast, lunch, and dinner during your first time in London. However, that may put a strain on your budget.

First time in London food

To save money, you can pop into a London grocery store and pick up sandwiches and snacks.

There are a lot of grocery stores in London you can visit.  We visited Tesco, a lot. We purchased sandwiches and snack foods to carry along in our backpacks for the long days of touring. Which was exactly every single day for us.

Fresh fruits, such as apples and oranges are sturdy enough to last several hours in a backpack and remain intact. Plus, they are much healthier than sugary and salty. Granola is another tasty snacking alternative.

I bought almond milk several times and peanut butter was available in London. I sometimes have difficulty finding peanut butter in Europe as they are Nutella-crazy, or it is simply too cost-prohibitive. Plus, the beloved peanut butter and jelly sandwich is a great afternoon snack.

First time in London Tesco Covent Garden

We made many quick stops into Tesco for drinks and snacks.

Yogurt, drinks, and chips/snack foods are all items to have available where you are staying or on the go, to save a little or a lot of money during your first time in London.

Packing Tips For Your First Time In To London 

Perhaps you are visiting London as part of a layover as you head to other destinations. Or maybe it is a very quick weekend trip. These packing tips will serve as a great refresher about what to bring along!

concealed travel pouch may be one of the most important items you bring during your first time in London. Please refer to my explanation below about how my family was robbed during our last trip to Paris. This unisex RFID blocking concealed travel pouch is lightweight and comes in several colors. It has lots of organization to give you peace of mind.

If you have a pouch already that does not come with the RFID protection, as I do,  these RFID sleeves are the perfect solution. This configuration comes with enough passport and credit card sleeves that the entire family would be protected. They are slim too, so they will easily fit into your pouch or wallet. 

If you are planning on taking a lot of pictures with your phone you will definitely want to consider an external charging battery. This Anker high-speed phone charging battery is the exact one I carry with me on all of my trips.

It can be used on a variety of phones, not just an iPhone like I have. And wow is it fast! I like that it holds its charging capabilities for several uses so I do not have to worry about it while out and about, and if I forget to recharge it at night, it will still be good to go the next day.

My daughter gifted me with this FugeTek selfie stick and tripod setup for my birthday. I absolutely love it! It is made of lightweight aluminum and so easy to use. It has Bluetooth connectivity and is a breeze to use for group shots or that perfect selfie! 

Don’t forget to bring along a universal power adapter for your first time in London. This worldwide power plug is a great example and will charge your phone at the end of your busy days.

And this world traveler adapter kit can charge several devices at the same time. This is what you will need when there are several people traveling in your group, or if you bring several electronic devices on your trip that require charging at the same time.

I was not a fan of packing cubes until I started to use them! This is the exact set of packing organizers I use whenever I travel. I cannot believe how much they really do help with the organization. If you have not considered packing cubes, I would recommend giving them a try.

Hydration is so important. You want to remain hydrated to support your immune system which in turn will be stronger to fight off any germs you will encounter during your travels.  You will want to bring your own refillable water bottle with you. 

I never leave home on a trip without my Bobble filtration bottle. The 18.5-ounce size is perfect for travel and it fits nicely in the pocket of a backpack or your purse. Also when filled with water, it is not too heavy to carry. And the charcoal filter ensures fresh clean water whenever you fill the Bobble. You can find filter replacements here. 

Perhaps you are traveling a long distance and packing space is a premium. Then this set of collapsible silicone foldable water bottles would work well for you. Would not take up much space in your suitcase at all. 

You will want a backpack or daypack with you to store snacks, your water bottle, phone, extra clothes, etc.. This foldable water-resistant backpack would be great. It is very affordable and is available in many color options for you to choose from. The fact that it folds down into a zippered pouch will make it easy to pack.

Perhaps you need a more substantial backpack for your international travel. This antitheft backpack has a charging port, is water-resistant and can comfortably carry up to a 15.6″ laptop.

You will be walking more than usual during your first time in London. A sturdy and comfortable pair of walking shoes are a must-have. These waterproof all-season shoes are extremely affordable and yet fashionable. 

Mostly everyone is familiar with the Skechers brand, and these Air Run high fashion sneakers come in a lot of colors to match your outfits and are still affordable.

If you are visiting London in warmer weather, maybe you want a pair of sandals to wear to dinner or to the local cafe, I highly recommend these Vionics adjustable strap orthotic sandals.

 I have several pairs of Vionics that I bring with me *everywhere* I travel. They are very comfortable and have orthotic footbeds that cradle and support your feet. 

Bring a lightweight scarf or shawl. Scarves and shawls are very popular in Europe and London is no exception. Both men and women wear scarves, both decoratively and as a layering piece to keep warm.

This cotton unisex lightweight scarf is versatile and can be worn in any season. And here’s another option to consider: this lightweight sunscreen shawl scarf would do double duty to protect you from the British sun should you visit London in the warmer seasons as well as being a fashion accessory layering piece.

We all need to protect our eyes from the sun’s harmful UVA/UVB rays. These unisex polarized sunglasses come in a lot of lens colors and frame designs and are extremely affordable too.

If you are fond of the aviator-style of sunglasses these polarized aviators may interest you. 

If you are in need of new luggage, this expandable soft side spinner luggage is affordable and comes in lots of colors. If you like hard-sided better, then you may favor this hard-sided luggage set better. Both sets come with TSA locks and 8 wheels per piece.

First time in London Big Ben

Parliament and Big Ben

Quick Tips For Your First Time In London

Here are some quick tips and tricks which hopefully will enhance your stay in London and make it less stressful and more enjoyable.

UPDATED: Stay vigilant! During our last trip to Paris, our family of four was robbed 3 times. We discussed at great length how we had to remain vigilant to protect ourselves against pickpocketers. However, we were not successful.

My daughter had her brand new Olympus camera stolen in the broad daylight in a McDonald’s Restaurant in the Montmartre District of Paris while we were having afternoon refreshments.

My thief was caught red-handed with her arm up to her elbow inside of my backpack. While I was walking along a busy Parisian boulevard.  Lucky for me my daughter apprehended her, and I was carrying my passport and credit cards on my body.

She wore better clothes, better shoes and more trendy sunglasses than I did. She did not “fit” our idea of what a pickpocketer was. (I still do not understand how she could unzip my backpack while I was wearing it, without me knowing or feeling it.)

Finally, Terrence had his backpacked unzipped while on the very crowded Paris subway. The burglar had his hand inside an outer pocket but was foiled by a Good Samaritan seated nearby.

Please do not have any preconceptions about who can violate you by stealing your possessions.  Stay vigilant and alert

Remember to always stay hydrated. Bring a nondisposable refillable water container and refill it often! Not only will you hedge the odds against getting sick, but you will also be saving a lot of water bottles from being sent to the British landfills.

Call your credit card company for two reasons: 1) to notify the bank that you will be out of the country and give them your exact travel dates. 2) to check to see if the bank charges foreign transaction fees every time you are out of the country and use your card.  If it does, inquire about applying for a credit card that does NOT charge such fees.

When using an ATM in London, England, make sure it is in your bank’s network, so you do not incur a transaction fee every time you use a British ATM to withdraw money. Also, consider withdrawing larger amounts of money, fewer times, to limit the transaction fees by your bank.

Whenever you can, purchase advanced tickets to  London attractions whenever possible during your first time in London. Tickets purchased online, in advance, are mostly always discounted, and many times come with a “skip the line” perk.

You will have more time to spend at the attraction since you will not be waiting in the entrance line. Also, you can better pace yourself during your busy days.

These 7 tips will ensure your first time in London will be a fantastic experience for you. Actually, we did not know about most of them! So from our first time in London, I created these tips to help you be more informed.

Have you ever been to London? What is a specific thing you would like to share with someone about to embark on their first time in London? Please put your suggestions in the comment section below.

Please be advised that Linda On the Run is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate program designed to provide a means to earn fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.

There are other affiliate links in this post as well.

7 things to know before your first time in london

7 Things To Know Before Your first Time In London England

26 thoughts on “7 Things To Know Before Your First Time In London

  1. Genevieve Rachal

    This is a great guide for first timers! We just returned this week from London and I love it during this time of year! We actually ended up getting the regular Oyster card instead of purchasing the visitors pass. The 5 pound fee is actually refundable, and like the visitors pass we can top it up on future trips. I can’t wait to see more posts on your trip!

    1. Linda Malys Yore Post author

      Thanks for the Oyster info. Thankfully I saved mine and can use it if I am ever fortunate enough to go again.

  2. Sue

    Loved London (and Tesco) – thank you for the very useful tips and suggestions!
    Despite our many trips to London, I don’t think we’ve been to Notting Hill. Definitely putting that on our list for the next visit.

    1. Linda Malys Yore Post author

      I simply loved London too! Tesco was so darned convenient. Loved popping in for things when we walked by.

  3. Lisa Schwartz

    Thanks for the wonderful tips. We purchased an Oyster Card from our travel agent and was under the impression that when we purchased a 6 day card that all travel was included and nothing would be spend on travel as long a we traveled on the qualifying means of transportation. We will be going on our first trip to London in May.

  4. John Murphy

    I lived in England between 1958-1960 and for a while in 1964. I still love England and miss it. Thank you for the beautiful photos. John Murphy, Australia.

  5. Rose Blake

    I’m so thankful to run across this. My husband and I are planning our first trio to London. It’s our 20th anniversary!

    I’m ready to purchase the Oyster card! We are planning to go with Gateway#1. They already have tours set up for us as well as transportation. But I know we will need it when we are given free time. We plan to also visit the grocery stores to purchase snacks.

    Thank you for taking the time to help others.


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    1. Linda Malys Yore Post author

      Thank you for pointing this out. Contactless cards are just starting to be used here in the states. Not too popular here yet, but this is a great piece of advice for others who have and use one.

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  10. Sandi

    Going to a wedding in Netherlands in June. Would like to stay in London 3-4 days prior to do some sightseeing. Can you suggest some hotels. Mom and adult daughter
    Thank you

    1. Linda Malys Yore Post author

      Hi Sandi. When I was in London my family and I stayed in an AirBB Covent Garden/West End section of London. That area is with walking distance to a LOT of attractions including Covent Garden, Trafalgar Square, the London Eye. We really love that area. You can easily hop on the the tube close by to get to other parts of the city. Hope this helps. I do not have any specific hotel recommendations.

  11. Alison Shoepe

    Great information, thanks so much for sharing! Would my husband and I each need a separate Visitor Oyster card or can we both use the same one?

    1. Linda Malys Yore Post author

      Alison that is a really good question. When we visited we each purchased our own. Some cities DO allow you to share, but I cannot say with certainty if London is one of them. Have a great trip!

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